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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction
  • Model Number: 307E

The Cat 307E Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers superior performance and comfort while reducing your fuel consumption and operating costs. The large spacious cab provides a comfortable work area. Intuitive seat-mounted controls are easy to use for greater job accuracy and efficiency. The standard tail swing design incorporates a counterweight that extends further back on the machine. This provides leverage to create a stable work platform during lifting and digging. The 307E sets the standard for conventional tail swing excavators in the eight-ton size class.

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 68048

Great for finishing basements and garage floors or patching and repairing on larger jobs. A diameter of 36" (92 cm) is perfect for smaller concrete slabs and hard to reach areas where your ride-on trowel cannot go. The patented Pro-Pitch blade adjustment system provides a quick, smooth pitch change to ensure blades are at the optimal angle for a perfect finish.

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: RP-700

The RP-700 Reversible Plate is the all-purpose compactor, perfect for large or small contractors and excellent for soil, sand, or asphalt conditions. Its size and force make it ideal for narrow trenches, confined area site preparation for foundations, walls, backfills, landscaping, curbs, and paths.

  • Manufacturer: Haulotte Group
  • Model Number: 55 XA

Access like never before. Hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling allow operation in under 30 seconds. High performance 4WD and light weight provide access to places larger and heavier machines cannot go. Easily transported on a trailer with no commercial driver’s license requirement. Dual power source (DC / Gas) allows for indoor/outdoor use.  Air / water lines to platform.

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: ALR-E

Air-Powered EDCO Chisel Scalers eliminate hammers, chisels and hand labor! Removes up to 200 sq. ft. per hour of 4″ ceramic tile set in standard thin-set Provides 2,500 hits per minute ALR-E Ergonomic design lets operator stand upright eliminating backaches High-strength tubular handle and soft foam hand grips for operator comfort Quick-change, hardened steel tool chuck accepts dozens of accessories Available in heavy-duty steel or lightweight aluminum.

  • Manufacturer: Virginia Abrasives
  • Model Number: 43-20000

Operational Features: - Front handle rotates and positions 360 degrees to allow for easy positioning - 3 speed gear box - Max diameter core bit (without stand) 3 inches - Includes 2 bubble levels for accurate alignment Safety Features: - Mechanical clutch protects operator & machine - Water proof GFI switch with 3-prong grounding type plug. 

  • Manufacturer: Multiquip
  • Model Number: MVC88VTH

Our best selling plate just got better! The new MVC88 now features a single cast baseplate and eccentric housing to enhance plate durability, serviceability and performance. An hour/tachometer to help measure runtime and engine rpm is now a standard feature. 

  • Manufacturer: Multiquip
  • Model Number: MVC64VH

Highly maneuverable, ideal for small jobs and narrow areas. Economical plate now features anti-vibration handle system. Extra-thick plate in back provides longer wear time. Solid, high-strength steel base plate with curved edges provides top performance. Great for confined areas.


  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: VP-U

The pump is intended for operation in conjunction with Hilti DD150 Core Drill Stand. 

  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction
  • Model Number: 304E

The Cat 304E CR delivers high performance in a compact radius design to help you work in the tightest applications.Spacious and comfortable operator station with excellent visibility and legroom keeps the operator comfortable and reduces fatigue.

  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction
  • Model Number: 302.7D

The Cat® 302.7D CR gives the operator a large comfortable space in which to work. The ergonomic control layout, travel pedals and adjustable wrist rests are engineered to minimize operator fatigue and increase productivity.

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: DD 150-U

The DD 150-U is great for rig-based wet drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations, cable trays and ducts and for the installation of railings and barriers, hand-guided wet drilling for setting large-diameter anchors and reinforcing bars, and hand-guided dry drilling in masonry for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations and for chimney and stove installation.

  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction
  • Model Number: 301.7D

The Cat® 301.7D CR gives you a blend of power, control and stability to make your working day easier and more productive.

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: TL-9

The TL-9 is a Direct Drive Floor Grinder with a combination of power and simplicity. The 110-Volt floor grinder is maintenance free. No parts to service and no belts to replace.

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: TX 525 Wide Track

Diesel. Done Right. Our diesel Dingo TX models deliver what customers want: extra torque, longer engine life, and increased hydraulic flow for enhanced performance of ground-engaging attachments. The TX 525 offers amazing hydraulic power, delivering 13.8 gpm and pumping 24 hp to the attachment, yet has a ground pressure as low as 3.4 psi. And because they're part of the full-line family, these diesels are compatible with all of Toro's compact utility loader attachments.

  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction
  • Model Number: 259D

The CAT 259D tracked skidsteer features a spacious operator station with ergonomic joystick controls, ample leg room and a heated cab.  Built for low ground pressure with outstanding performance, comfort and versatility, the CAT 259D will help you get more done to improve your bottom line.

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
  • Model Number: 31035
Ridgid, 31035 36" Heavy-Duty Pip Wrench.

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: 14-596-B5


  • Measuring wheels use feet and inches
  • Neoprene tire provides traction for most indoor and outdoor surfaces

  • Manufacturer: Lenox Tools
  • Model Number: 4208-1

No job is too large for this heavy-duty drill press. This unit features the 4203 adjustable-position, variable-speed base and the 4297-1 1¼-in drill motor. Built for production drilling, this 11.5-amp drill can handle the toughest drilling jobs with up to a 1-¼” threaded hole capacity. The two-speed motor runs at 250 and 500 RPM, geared low for maximum torque.

It can produce up to 1600 pounds of drill point pressure with a 1-inch steel plate.

  • Manufacturer: Ground Hog
  • Model Number: HD-99

The Ground Hog HD99 is a Towable Hydraulic Earthdrill that is designed to be powerful, easy to use and require very little maintenance.

The HD99 is the most powerful earthdrill in the Ground Hog line. With it's 9hp Honda engine, the HD99 can easily dig with any Ground Hog auger up to 12 inches in diameter. The use of hydraulics allows the HD99 to have variable auger speed and reverse which is very useful if the auger gets stuck.

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: VC40U

Desinged for use with our Hilti dustless tools.

- Hilti AirBoost filter technology for consistently high suction performance

- Robust housing to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions

- New tank concept for easy and virtually dust-free dust removal


  • Manufacturer: Cat Construction

6" x 48" Trencher Attachment for skidsteers.

  • Manufacturer: Toro

6" wide x 3' deep trencher attachment for Toro Dingo walk behind skidsteer.

  • Manufacturer: Toro

Fork attachment for Toro Dingo walk behind skidsteer.  Adjustable up to 30" wide opening.